Sample Set Comparison

Interestingly, the JV-80, JD-800, and D-50 all have roughly the same amount of samples, and roughly the same kind of samples, many of them being based on samples that originated with the D-50. I thought it would be worth making a closer inspection to understand the genesis of some of these samples and the intended capabilities of these machines.

Roland JD-800 - samples are oriented towards making synth sounds
   108 samples - 12 of which are basic waveforms = 98

Roland JV-80 - samples are oriented towards emulating acoustic instruments
   129 samples - 8 being basic waveforms, 46 of them are rhythm instruments (which you can still use but realistically it's silly to count them) = 75

Roland D-70 - samples
   119 samples - at least 9 are basic waveforms, 28 are drums = 110

Roland D-50 - samples are mostly oriented towards acoustic instrument sounds, it generates it's own synth sounds
   100 samples - 24 of which are loops of the other samples combined = 76

And of course the JD-800 and JV-80 can take an expansion board for up to 128 additional samples.

The JV-80 sample ROM, much like the D-70, seems to be divided into roughly two sections corresponding to either acoustic instruments or synthesizer tones and samples.  There are a few exceptions but they almost all fall in line in this way.  You can't help but notice something when breaking them down this way: for a synth with 90% of it's presets being acoustic instrument patches it's a bit surprising that they dedicated a good half of the ROM to synth tones.  Also the patches in the re-writable internal memory bank use many more of these synth samples, leading one to believe that they were put there primarily for the purpose of people making their own patches.  Also while almost all of the synth sounds have a history that can be traced to other Roland synthesizers, you can't find examples of the acoustic sounds in previous synths.  It's possible they could have been newly created for the JV-80. This would have taken some effort so apparently this was an important part of what this keyboard was going to be.  So it seems they were going for an all around keyboard with both a broad set of polished presets and a fully functioning synth.  This sat between the JV-30 (no editing ability) and the JD-800 (maximum editing ability).


Waveform List

This is the waveform list out of the back of the JV-80 manual. I compared it to the lists of waveforms from the manuals in the D-50, D-70, and JD-800 and noted the similarities. The JD-800 provides a description for each sample. I have included this where applicable as it gives you some insight into the sound designers thoughts when creating the sound.




01 Ac Piano 1

02 SA Rhodes 1

03 SA Rhodes 2

04 E.Piano 1

05 E.Piano 2

06 Clav 1

07 Organ 1

08 Jazz Organ

09 Pipe Organ

10 Nylon GTR



13 Mute GTR 1

14 Pop Strat

15 Stratus


17 Harp 1

18 SYN Bass

From JD-800 “Thick synth bass”

19 Pick Bass

20 E.Bass

21 Fretless 1

22 Upright BS

23 Slap Bass 1

24 Slap & Pop

25 Slap Bass 2

26 Slap Bass 3

27 Flute 1

28 Trumpet 1

29 Trombone 1

30 Harmon Mute1

31 Alto Sax 1

32 Tenor Sax 1

33 French 1

34 Blow Pipe

Like 'Pan Pipes' on D-70 and JD-800. This sort of shaku pipe sound can be traced to the D-50.

35 Bottle

Similar to 'BottleBlow' on JD-800 “Sound of blown bottle”

36 Trumpet SECT

37 ST.Strings-R

38 ST.Strings-L

39 Mono Strings




40 Pizz

Present on the JD-800. A classic Roland sound that can be traced to the D-50.

41 SYN VOX 1

From the D-70 and U series

42 SYN VOX 2

From the D-70 and U series

43 Male Ooh

Like 'Male Vox' on JD-800 a “Metallic voice”. Maybe like Ooh_lp, Manlp1 or Manlp2 on D-50.


Present on JD-800 “Soft, noisy voice”.

45 VOX Noise

Present on JD-800 “White Noise with little sense of pitch”.

46 Soft Pad

A soft tone typical of the D-50. Present on JD-800 “Soft analog synth wave”. Similar on D-70.

47 JP Strings

Sample of Roland Jupiter 8 strings. Was present on JD-800, D-70, and U series.

48 Pop Voice

Like 'Doo' on JD-800 “Sound with many partials and pipe organ-like attack”.

49 Fine Wine

Present on JD-800 “Finger rubbed around the edge of a glass”

50 Fantasynth

Actual sample of D-50 tone. Was on the D-70; similar samples were on the U series.

51 Fanta Bell

Again, this pair are the two tones that make up the “Fantasia” patch on the D-50.

52 ORG Bell

Present on JD-800 “Bell sound with many high partials”.

53 Agogo

Maybe from the D-70? Similar on JD-800: 'Agogo bells'. Similar on D-50.

54 Bottle Hit

Present on JD-800 “sound of hitting a small bottle”.

55 Vibes

Similar on D-50

56 Marimba wave

Present on JD-800 “Marimba”. Similar on D-50.

57 Log Drum

Present on JD-800 “Log Drum (ethnic instrument)”.

58 DIGI Bell 1

Present on JD-800, D-70 “Hard bell”.

59 DIGI Chime

Present on JD-800 “Hard chime”.

60 Steel Drums

Randomly placed among the synth sounds. May have been a late addition to the sound set.


62 Spark VOX

Present on JD-800 “Processed human voice”.

63 Wave Scan

Present on JD-800 “Clav-type digital synth sound”.

64 Wire String

Present on JD-800 “Metallic string sound”.

65 Lead Wave

66 Synth Saw 1

From the D-70. Similar ones on the JD-800. “Analog synth sharp sawtooth wave”.

67 Synth Saw 2

From the D-70. Similar ones on the JD-800. “Analog synth thin sawtooth wave”.

68 Synth Saw 3

From the D-70. Similar ones on the JD-800. “Analog synth thick sawtooth wave”.

69 Synth Square

From the D-70. Similar ones on the JD-800. “Analog synth square wave”.

70 Synth Pulse1

From the D-70. Similar ones on the JD-800. “Analog synth pulse wave (duty cycle 50%)”.

71 Synth Pulse2

From the D-70. Similar ones on the JD-800. “Analog synth pulse wave (duty cycle 30%)”.

72 Triangle

Present on JD-800 “Analog synth triangle wave”.

73 Sine

Present on JD-800 “Analog synth sine wave”

74 Org Click

Similar one on JD-800 “low range organ attack sound”. Similar to D-50 'OrgPrc'.

75 White Noise

Present on JD-800 and D-70. It's just white noise.

76 Wind Agogo

Present on JD-800 “Noise with agogo bell nuance”.

77 Metal Wind

Present on JD-800 “Metallic noise”.

78 Feedbackwave

JD-800 'Pitch Wind'?? “A pitched, dark-feeling wind sound”.

79 Anklungs

Present on JD-800 “many wood scraps sounding together”.

80 Wind Chimes

Present on JD-800 “many metallic scraps sounding together”.

81 Rattles

82 Tin Wave

83 Spectrum 1

A classic Roland sound that can be traced to the D-50.